The Pens still have plenty of options

By the third day of the Parise hostage situation it was becoming clear that the Penguins weren't going to land Zach Parise.
Any disappointment out there is really misplaced arrogance for believing that any player wouldn't want to play in Pittsburgh.
There are two players that deserve 13 year contracts:
One, Sidney Crosby: got his Sunday.
Two, Evgeni Malkin: will get his next summer.
The Penguins main interest was in Zach Parise. We still don't even know if they made an offer to Ryan Suter.
And we may never know and who cares.
There is no anger here. There is no circling of dates for when the Pens play Minnesota. If you're doing that, sign off the Internet.
What is here is now, moving on.
What are the Penguins options in this?
They traded away Jordan Staal and got Brandon Sutter, leaving offensively about 20 points on the table. ( Staal had 50, Sutter 32)
1. Sort through the remains of a terrible free agent crop. Maybe look at Shane Doan or Alex Semin. Shero isn't going to overpay just to overpay.
2. Sign a d-man, maybe Matt Carle, and then flip Paul Martin for a winger. See this suggestion by Mike Colligan.
3. Stand pat, with 10 million, and see how the cards fall. Next offseason there are some big time free agents. Maybe the Pens can sit idle till around the trade deadline and scoop up a soon to be free agent who's team knows they can't re-sign him.
Not options:
  • Trading for Rick Nash. Pens don't have the offensive assets to make this move.
  • Trading for Bobby Ryan, would like it, but again, they don't have the right assets.
Shero isn't going to panic. Don't let the fact the Penguins lost out on a free agent make you do the same.