The NHL Schedule Sucks

Nothing much going on at all.
The Pens seemingly haven't played in a century.
They did visit a children's hospital for the holidays though.
If you haven't heard yet, Seth from Empty Netters confirms our worst fears.
It doesn't look like the game will be shown in its entirety anywhere at all.
What a joke.
From what we can tell, there's at least as much excitement and anticipation – if not more excitement and anticipation –  surrounding the alumni game as there is for the Winter Classic.
But it's not worth TV coverage, right?
It's not like anyone wants to see Mario Lemieux, one of the greatest hockey players of all time, returning to the ice anyway.
If you're looking for a way to kill a bit of time, Puck Daddy has some hockey remixes for those who like that kind of stuff.
Crosby and Ovechkin will be on the Price is Right tomorrow.
D.C. Sports Bog has video (that plays automatically for some reason.)
Go Pens.