The NHL All-Star Game Continues To Be A Joke


With impressive starts this season, the Dallas Stars and the Pittsburgh Penguins — leaders of the Western and Eastern Conferences, respectively – hold a combined 11 spots on the ballot in the 2012 NHL All-Star Fan Balloting™. The ballot includes first-time career appearances from Stars forwards Jamie Benn and Loui Eriksson and Penguins forwards James Neal and Jordan Staal and defenseman Kris Letang. Joining their teammates are ballot veterans Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury, Evgeni Malkin of the Penguins and Kari Lehtonen, Mike Ribeiro and Sheldon Souray of the Stars.

We obviously love Sidney Crosby, but shouldn't a player actually play a game during the season before he ends up on the All-Star ballot? Of course, if anyone can be a star without actually playing, it's Sidney Crosby.

Yes, it's the All-Star Game and it's generally considered a joke by pretty much everyone, but you would think the league would put some effort into adding at least some legitimacy to the process. Of course, you'd be wrong.

Puck Daddy has more on the ballot.

All we're looking forward this year is watching Phil Kessel take a photo of Alex Ovechkin when Kessel is selected before Ovi.