Jaromir Jagr: The road to December 8th

Let this sentence live forever on the Internet…
We will always be fans of Double J.
But there was definitely a period in there where we despised him and we booed him from time to time.  That period started in 2001 when he left town.  And that period ended on March 13, 2007, when Mario Lemieux stepped out onto the Civic Arena ice and said the Penguins were staying in Pittsburgh.  If the Pens had left town, we would've always seen Jagr as the rat who had jumped ship as it was going down, abandoning Pittsburgh and Pens fans.  We would have never forgiven Jaromir Jagr.
But the Pens staying in Pittsburgh meant we had to go back and forgive Double J.  A half-dozen years wiser, we could make more sense of Double J's actions in 2001.  He saw where the Penguins were headed.  It was a smart business move on his part.  A lot of fans will say that being faithful to one team should trump millions of dollars to a professional athlete.  Easy to say that when we're at some bar bullshitting about the Pens.  And no one reading or writing this has been in the shoes of someone at a crossroads in their life with millions of dollars laid out on the table.
Thrown in a playoff series somewhere in there, and a KHL stint, and it brings us to 2011.  Double J decided he wanted one more shot at the NHL, and the Penguins threw their hat into the ring.  #JagrWatch was a fun ride, and we personally flew a little too close to the sun.  In the end, the Penguins' offer was dwarfed by Philadelphia's.  And as the news sank in, we were already well on our way to forgiving him again.  He's a beast.
There's people reading this who may think the biggest story about tonight's game is Max Talbot's first game as a Flyer against the Penguins.  Oh well.
After the jump, we take a quick tour through JagrWatch.  
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