The Last Four Games Between The Penguins & The Canadiens

Montreal and Pittsburgh are playing each other tonight.  At this point it would be an understatement to say that the Pens have struggled against the Habs recently.
These are highlights from the last four meetings between the two teams.
Our recap:

About nine million thoughts running through everyone's mind. We're there, too. Basically everything points to Montreal pulling this off. Some Pens fans may jump ship. Some will begin to reason with losing. Some will blindly guarantee a Penguin win just because. Truth is, to each their own. Game 7's make people do crazy things. It can completely destroy your mind.

Our recap:

The Mellon went down. Bitterly disappointed, but can't say they didn't have their chances. Really not sure what to say. Congrats to the Habs, and their fans. To our friends thank you. It was a pleasure doing battle with all of you.

Our recap:

Basically this was Game 8 from last year's playoff series. The Penguins outplayed the Canadiens at points, outshot them by a wide margain. But the Canadiens got big-time goaltending (Carey Price? really?) and capitalized on the few chances they had. It was a vicious, physical game. The Penguins had the game all but wrapped up with two minutes left, but then CEC witnessed its first of what will be many meltdown moments. Really, just a flabbergasting ending.

Our recap:

First game in a long while that made you want to go on a three-state or three-province killing spree. It shouldn't feel like that, since playing in Montreal is like having to go to a Lady GaGa concert, and it's always good to escape with a point. But still, losing to Montreal sucks; just something about it. We hate them more than the Caps. And it didn't help that we had to see Vanilla Price do some homeboy pose after stopping Kunitz in the shootout.

Just reading those recaps in sequence, it almost feels like we're starting respect the Habs a little with each game. We hate that.
Shut up.
Go Pens.