The Jagr Watch: Day 1, The Dark Mullet Rises

Last month the internet was set ablaze for a few days after some Jagr back to the NHL rumors surfaced. Things blew over until earlier this afternoon.
That is when Rob Rossi got the party started with this tweet:
Rossi followed up with this post. [ Trib ]

The Penguins currently have no comment, but were considering options regarding Jagr over the weekend. Jagr's camp reached out to the Penguins at some point over the past three days.

The internet exploded:
It gets so much better. From Mark Madden's blog at the X:

While Jagr's name and reputation might frighten the uneducated, it should do exactly the opposite. Jagr would return to the NHL with a chip on his shoulder, with something to prove: "There would be some people who think I'm not good enough," Jagr said. Style-wise, he'd be a perfect fit for Evgeni Malkin. Jagr is a power-play PHENOM. Sure, he's best in the right circle, just like Malkin and Sidney Crosby. But he's BETTER AT IT. Enough placating egos. Time to win.

Could not agree more. When you think about Jagr returning. Think about this. Teemu Selanne has played incredibly well into his 40's. And as much as  we love Teemu Selanne, Jagr's stats exceed Selanne big time. ( 1340 for Selanne, 1599 for double J)
Some of the biggest questions thus far are this:
If the Pens sign Jagr, will they sign Tyler Kennedy too?
Answer: Who cares. Jagr has more talent in his right toe than TK.
Well what if Jagr turns out like Kovalev?
Answer: Jagr is a different animal. He is a beast. He won't be seeing huge minutes, the KHL wasn't that hard on him.
Well what if Jagr can't play in Dan Bylsma aka OCDB (Out-Coached-Dan Bylsma's) system?
Answer: Who fucking cares about this. If you are telling us that if the price is right, and Dan Bylsma picks Tyler Kennedy over Jagr. Man. We are in bigger trouble than anyone could imagine.
The Jagr watch will continue until it doesn't. Links, photoshops, are always appreciated.