The Islanders’ 2/11 Viewing Party. And what you shouldn’t do in response to it.
So, sometime Friday night, news started spreading that there is an #IslesMeetup scheduled for Friday, August 19th.  The purpose of this meetup is for Isles fans to go to a bar and j.o. while they watch the Pens-Isles game from 2/11.  Yes, that one.
Now, this kind of viewing-party idea is kind of cool in general.  And we’d actual tip our hats to the Isles organization for using social media to bring fans closer if it wasn’t to celebrate lunacy.  If they’re gonna circle-jerk to a run-of-the-mill 9-3 drubbing, we’d be all for it and not dip our toe into the water.
But celebrating the blatant attempts to injure in this game isn’t gonna fly.
And for the Islanders to be promoting it right on their website is beyond words.
What no one should do in response to this is RSVP for the event when you have no intention on going.
You don’t even need a real e-mail address.
UPDATE 8:12.a.m. :
Whoops.  Looks like every President of the United States, Asian porn stars, Batman, and Garth Snow have filled the Meetup to capacity.