The Internet Troll Kenny Melvin Returns; Then Banned

A long, long time ago we met our match in terms of Internet trolls.
His name was Kenny Melvin.
He easily will be remembered as the most notorious troll in the history of Penguins online hockey communities.
For those who weren't around. here is the story.
Kenny Melvin rose to power in late 2007.
He started trolling the LGP message boards and eventually made his way over to our C-Blog.
He wouldn't just troll.  He would destroy comment threads. His calling card is leaving multiple messages right after another, with all messages usually being extremely vulgar and almost impossible to stop.
Some facts:
-He used to have his own entry on Urban Dictionary.
-He actually was responsible for us shutting down comment sections on the old blog.
-Just search "Kenny Melvin" on the old Blogspot page.
-We were able to make peace with Melvin at one time.
-His historic YouTube apology to us.
-We thought he disappeared. Haven't heard from him since early '09.
A couple days ago, a few comments strings were taken over by what seemed like a rogue Flyers fan leaving tons of post that were beyond offensive.  We e-mailed our friends at Livefyre, and they took care of it. Done.
But then yesterday the same thing happened. Same insane comments. Something didn't seem right.
And in three easy steps, the king troll was outed.
Step 1:
The accounts used in the attacks were this:
Step 2:
Using our stat counter app we looked for an influx of certain hits from a certain location, especially from Philly.
Because the poster kept coming back over and over again to the same post, we found a huge source of traffic coming from Temple University.
Step 3:
Game. Even better: Not only can he never comment again, we locked down his IP address.
We're sure he will return from various computers.
But until then:
Good day, Kenny. We said good day.