The Igloo is Gone

Image taken from the Consol Energy Center Construction/Igloo Destruction Cam.

The Igloo is essentially gone now. From the Post-Gazette:

The last two panels of the former Civic Arena dome, and the arm that supported the iconic structure, were demolished today, creating a vista from the Hill District that hasn't been seen since the building was constructed in the 1960s.

George Boehm, vice president of demolition contractor Noralco Corp., said workers cut through supports for each of the two panels and then let gravity drop the estimated 800 to 900 tons of steel into the former arena space.

The panels were the last of eight that covered the arena and the only stationary ones–the other six moved to open the retractable roof.

After effortlessly taking down the first of the panels, or leaves, on Jan. 28, workers unsuccessfully struggled for two weeks to get the second one to the ground. The workers finally won out.

The building put up a bigger fight on that spot than the Caps ever did.


Go Pens.