The Guy Who Announced The PSU Firings Has Ties To The Pens

Strange Penguins tie-in to the bizarre shit going on at PSU. John Surma the guy that announced the the firings at PSU, is an investor in the Penguins.


Per the PG:


For years, U.S. Steel Chairman and CEO John P. Surma has played defenseman in a local recreational hockey league. Now he's taking a seat on the Penguins bench — as a part owner.

Surma, a Penguins season ticket holder and longtime fan, has acquired a $2 million stake in the team, according to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Penguins CEO David Morehouse confirmed Wednesday that Surma had invested money in the franchise.

"We think he's the perfect fit. We think it's great to have another local investor. He's a pillar in the Pittsburgh community and a longtime supporter and a pretty good defenseman," he said.


No idea what is even going on anymore.

Go Pens.

Thanks to DN for the tip.