The good and bad of Crosby being cleared

Only one clip that sums it up:

Don't get us wrong this is great news. The thought of Sidney Crosby returning is enough to make your boner explode and your ovaries to fall out.

But there are a shit load of issues that lie ahead.

A brief breakdown after readmore.


The Bad

It will be hard to get air from whenever he comes back until the Penguins season ends because we'll be holding our breath every time Crosby gets hit.


The Good

It's Sidney Crosby babbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy



The Bad

The Eric Lindros example

Playoffs, huge game. Crosby is one hit away from being destroyed.

Now, look. Sidney Crosby and Eric Lindros played different games. Eric Lindros also refused to skate with his head up. But still. The hit Lindros took sucked the life out of the Flyers season. 

If Crosby suffers another setback can the locker room pick up the pieces again?


The Good



The Bad

You can almost hear the people saying to break up the Neal-Malkin combo.

The Good

Talking about linemates > hearing the phrase " no timetable."


Overall, If Crosby can take hits again, and can find his game a few weeks before Lord Stanley's dance begins?

Buckle up.