The five dumbest tweets about the Asham fight, Asham’s new quote

Stealing this quote from C-Blogger @mrmcgibblets:
"Last time I saw a Beagle get beat that badly, Sarah Mclachlan was singing in the background."
The Twitter police are out in full force today in reaction to the Asham fight. We look at the five dumbest tweets.

First up, some old guy on TSN:

Yes, pardon you while you change your adult underwear. For someone who has been alive so long, it is hard to believe he could be that stupid.


Next up the one and only Damien Cox:



Now we go to probably the dumbest of them all.

ESPN's Scott Burnside's two-part rant:


Sounds to us like Burnside has some deep-rooted parent issues or something. It is impossible to actually respond to this without wanting to eat your own feces, so we have to move on.  By Burnside's logic, parents shouldn't let their kids do anything ever.


And finally, this one hurts:

DGB is one of our favorite people on the Internet. But really? Come on.

And finally check out what Asham said today to the Trib's Josh Yohe:

In response to A.O. getting all pissed off.

"Ovie is a hypocrite. The rivalry is back."

This emo article is here, too.