The five best examples of “Montreal Typical” over the last few years

On an episode of "24/7," Peter Laviolette summed up the phrase "Montreal Typical" perfectly:

Basically, if you don't get it, in Montreal the visiting team is playing with one hand tied behind their back because the refs are afraid of the crowd.

In recognition of the Penguins final game in Montreal this season, we look back at the five best examples of the Penguins getting MONTREAL TYPICAL'D.

The list:



5. February 4, 2007

Vintage example of Montreal fans refereeing the game. The fans draw some big-time call early in the third:

From our cap:

At the beginning of the third period, the Montreal fans gave the referrees a standing ovation for "finally" giving the Canadiens a powerplay.
In case anyone forgot, Montreal fans are notorious for sarcastic standing ovations and cheers.


4. January 19, 2008

One of the signature games of Malkin's career. To this day, maybe one the best games we've seen him play. Pens won 2-0 in the first game after Crosby went down with the high-ankle sprain.  Despite being the best player on the ice, Malkin is left off the three stars. From our cap:

Not to run Malkinblog here, and it doesn't really even matter, but…

The Bell Centre media decided to give two stars to the goalies.
The third star fell to Mike Komisarek, the beneficiary of home-ice advantage.

Mike Komisarek wasn't the third star at his own house tonight.
Huet was all right.

How Malkin wasn't a star of the game is bizarre.


3. February 21, 2008

The entire third period from our recap:


We wait about 18 minutes for the third period to commence.

Michael Ryder swings around the net, comes out, shoots. 3-3.

The fairweather crowd comes alive on the tying goal.
Soon after, the Pens were heading to the box.

It had all the makings of a disaster.

Montreal set up the PP, but no dice.
So they decide to score on the rush.

Koivu gets into the zone, gets it over to Hamrlik.
One of the most deflating goals of the year. 4-3.

And with the crowd chanting, you started realizing the refs were gonna be afraid of this Montreal crowd.

Malkin gets tripped up, but no call. He gets Komisarek in the face. Penalty.

This Malkin penalty is brought to you by..

The crowd starting chanting….


These are the same people who chased the best goaltender of all-time out of town.
[ See Tremblay and Le Trade ]

On the ensuing power play, Staal gets accosted, but somehow there was no penalty called.

Not a penalty in Montreal.

Michael Ryder leaves Daryl Sydor writhing in pain on the ice after a check.

You want to talk classless?
Who chants while a guy is lying on the ice, injured?
The Bell Centre probably would have played Celebrate Good Times if the Zednik [neck-slicing] incident happened up there.

What a joke.

2. May 6, 2010 — Game Four

The entire game, Montreal fans were out of control, looking to get calls. Pens get a powerplay, and Montreal fans throw shit on the ice. Our cap here:


1. May 10, 2010

Not gonna lie: we probably wrote up this post just to point out this injustice. Game Six in Montreal is still tough to watch. Twitter wasn't at its full capabilities yet, so there is no video of what we're about to discuss. But as this Habs blog points out:

Quick Whistle – with forty-five seconds left in the period Evgeni Malkin scored but the referee had lost sight of the puck and play was whistled dead.  No goal.  1-1 after one period.

Via our old C-Blog's backdoor:


Pens would later score to make it 2-1, but Montreal stormed back and won. If Malkin's goal counts, it is 3-1 and the series is probably over.

Game 6 still haunts us.  Goligoski's performance in that one game is the sole reason we turned on him.