The Fall Of Mark Madden On Twitter

Mark Madden, the self-proclaimed king of sports radio in Pittsburgh, took Evgeni Malkin to task via Twitter this weekend. And then, when challenged about it, he did the best thing ever.  He retired from Twitter.
The bizarre timeline and the fall of the super genius next.



So it all started in the early hours of Sunday.

Mark Madden, a longtime Malkin basher, blasted Malkin for taking two penalties in a 4-3 loss to Toronto.

13 games into a season where Evgeni Malkin has played six games and scored seven points, Madden is already circling the hate:
Six points in seven games. 
Six points in seven games.
Six points in seven games.
Six points in seven games.
But when many of us took to the defense of Malkin, Madden went further, questioning Malkin's heart, focus, and his paycheck.
Yes, we know Madden is just a gimmick. But if that is the case, why did he get so defensive?  And even better, why did he back-track on his calling out of Sidney Crosby this past summer:
REEEEALLLLY? Well, we would go to the podcast of the show that was uploaded to the Internet, but guess what? It is no longer there. On that radio show, Madden started to hint that "teammates" of Crosby were unhappy with him not coming back. But then again, he deleted the show, so whatever.
After a full day of getting owned on Twitter, Madden stunned the world.
He quit:

WOW. For all the shit Madden kicks up, he couldn't take the heat. What a baby.

But like Madden said to us in an e-mail earlier this year:

We're just a fan blog. So who cares.

And now a tribute to Mark Madden's Twitter account:


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