The Decision again.

So let's see. In the last year we have had Jagrwatch, Crosbywatch, and now the Parise Observation.
The range of emotions on Parise is interesting. You tell yourself you won't be bummed if Parise doesn't sign with the Penguins, but your heart stops every time you see Parise a rumor he signed somewhere else.
Everytime you see Pierre Lebrun's face pop up on your twitter feed you're either ready to crawl on the floor and cry to god, or do some tribal dance.
It doesn't really make sense. Why do we feel like this?
It may be a few things.
  • The Pens have never been big in free agency, dating back to the 90's. It was more common for the Pens to lose someone than sign someone.
  • We are about four years removed from when Marian Hossa spurned the Pens in free agency. One defeat that still resonates in corners of the Internet.
  • Last years brutal end to the Jagr chase hurt. 
The only big thing the Pens have really ever won off the ice, in terms of player movement, is the Crosby lottery. And that probably was the biggest ever.
There is no luck involved here, and we certainly don't "deserve anything," but god would it be nice to win one of these free agency battles.
Of course, if the Penguins don't win the day and sign Parise we're sure Shero has a backup plan. And fuck, Crosby is coming back guns blazing, Malkin all business as well.
Maybe a prospect steps up in camp or something.
The Pens are still a legit Stanley Cup contender. We all know that.
But the place a talent like Parise takes the Penguins is unimaginable…..
God help us all.