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The Chief is back, and he’s still a dick.

"Thid Rosby does suck, can suck and will continue to suck it long and hard.  And that’s just the law.  The Wings stroll into The House That Gary Built tonight, a meaningless game, an exhibition for god’s sake, just a little shinny that will happen to take place between two teams who despise one another.
The Pens don’t like the arrogance that surrounds the Wings.  They feel it’s unearned and it burns them that a team two full seasons removed from its last Cup can be so maddeningly confident about their chances of regaining what belongs in Detroit.  Pens fans, in particular, just don’t like that very much.  And here’s the thing, which is so very interesting.  The Wings and Wing fans share something very similar in that we all take great joy in this rash, this burning that penicillin can’t solve, this frigging pain that Pens fans get when they pee and think of the Red Wings all at once.  Deep down inside, the Pens team knows this Detroit team is better.  And way deep down inside, Pens fans know it too.  And, oh how it hurts. "
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And…breaking news: A player in his 30's stifles a 22-year-old.
Still, god damn it, it's good to have the Chief back.