The Case For Suspending Deryk Engelland

Just because we're a fan blog doesn't mean we can't have differing opinions like human beings…

It's understandable why this post was made. Derek and/or Adam (no idea who wrote it) is a Penguins fan and, especially with the Pens defense suffering from every injury right now, it would hurt the Penguins if Engelland missed any time. It's also tough watching suspension discussion take place when you know that he league isn't exactly the most consistent when it comes to supplementary discipline. There are probably a lot of hits just like Engelland's hit that go unnoticed and unpunished. That's not fair.

So it's totally understandable that a Penguins fan and a Penguins fan blog would defend Deryk Engelland. But that doesn't mean it's right to do so.

  • Shut up, Bob McKenzie. Is Bob McKenzie a league official? Didn't know he makes personnel decisions now.
  • If this was just a run-of-the-mill ROOT sports broadcast, does this even get attention?
  • We'll expect Scott Stevens to be removed from the Hall of Fame tomorrow if these hits aren't allowed anymore
  • He left his feet. So does Ovechkin on every hit. Big deal. It was minimal.
  • Hit to the head. Yeah, the guys head was right at Engo's chest. This wasn't a head shot. The guy had his head down.
  • Is Engo supposed to let the player walk past him for a scoring chance?
  • Bob McKenzie's opinion on this doesn't matter. The Canadian media should always be taken with a grain of salt when they're discussing hockey. They love to overinflate situations. TSN also takes the opportunity to throw a question to their panel whenever they can.
  • If it's a run-of-the-mill ROOT Sports broadcast, no one sees the hit because ROOT doesn't have a camera on it. 
  • The NHL is a different league than it was when Scott Stevens played hockey. If this was the same league as it was then we'd be saying that Sidney Crosby "had his bell rung" and sending him out for another shift.
  • He left his feet. Whatever Ovechkin does is irrelevant in this situation. Just because someone else breaks the rules, that doesn't make it open season on rule breaking. Should Engelland get his coach fired now just because Ovechkin did?
  • Hit to the head. It doesn't matter if the guy had his head down. You shouldn't be hitting people in the head. Penguins fans know what head injuries mean now and these hits are exactly what the league is trying to remove from the game.
  • If the choice is "Dangerous hit" or "Let him walk past," then go with "let him walk past" or do something else to stop the play rather than leaving your feet for a head hit. Imagine if this situation was reversed and some Blackhawk delivered this hit to some Penguin. We'd all be sending tapes to the league ourselves.

Now, the point that the NHL is wildly inconsistent is a valid one and a troubling one. The league would be much, much better off if it punished people fairly and consistently, but that's unfortunately not the case. Just because Shanahan has blown opportunities in the past, that doesn't mean he should continue to screw up. Engelland should at least get a fine or probably a game or two.

Go Pens.