RECAP:The Calm Before The Storm. PENS WIN.
The good news: The Penguins have scored 80 goals in the past two games.
The bad news: The Oilers and Senators drink their own pee.
And while the Canadiens also drink their own urine, they're still a playoff team.
Six of the next seven games for the Pens' are against playoff teams. 
This is it.
Some shit from last night's game: Kennedy has produced. Simple as that. Man. Johnson probably got his second-to-last start of the season.  He kept the Pens afloat at the beginning of this season.  It's actually kind of numbing to think back to the beginning of the season right now. played solidly in his return to Ottawa.  We were watching this closely because if the Pens play Montreal in the tournament, Kovalev is gonna have all of Canada's eyes on him. of the tournament, Pens magic is number is 9.
Basically 4 wins away from a playoff spot. play involving Max Talbot and Chris Neil in the second period. Neil tried to do his best Chara impression and throw Talbot into the divider between the Ottawa and Pittsburgh bench. Talbot slowed down, and rightfully put his hands up. Not like that idiot from Montreal. Anderson couldn't stop a nosebleed. has three goals in four games. Letang is in a funk. Trying to do too much. Tube may have been hurt in the third period. He crashed head first into the boards. Hope he is okay. and Chris Neil fought: tweet from @Joedepto FSN mistake:
thanks to Ikedawg and becky for the screens. with the Matt Cooke scaring a little kid gif: pic of the night:
Chris Neil's wife? Jeselnik killed it on the Donald Trump roast last night. He is from Pittsburgh and a big pens fan. ( thanks to @stevebraband for the tip.) The clip doesn't seem to be on youtube yet but there is a great AIDs joke that you need to hear.