The Biggest Non-Update On Sidney Crosby Ever

The only reason we're even posting any of this Crosby stuff is because it's August.
From the PG:

Shero said despite a Twitter report that Crosby would not be ready for the Penguins' Oct. 6 season opener at Vancouver, nothing has been determined about when Crosby will play.

"Absolutely not," Shero said.

Crosby will need to be cleared for contact and then for games at some point. Shero said the important thing is Crosby's long-term health.

"He will not be asked to play or pushed to play or cleared to play one minute before he's ready to play," Shero said. "That said, he's come a long way this summer."

The fact that Ray Shero, the general manager of a professional hockey team, feels the need to respond to a "Twitter report" shows the stupidity of this entire situation. But, like we said, it's August.
It's understandable that everyone wants to know if Crosby is going to be back next season. Obviously Penguins fans care, but anyone who watches hockey and isn't a delusional or bitter jerk cares about Sidney Crosby's health. He's an important player to the game and we all want him to come back healthy.
Of course, it's also understandable that the Penguins aren't going to give any concrete details at this point. Like Shero said yesterday, "we'll see where he is a month." They're not going to come out and say that he's definitely playing because, like it or not, there's a chance that he won't. They're also not going to rule him out of an October game in the middle of August. That would be stupid and pointless.
In all honesty, there's nothing anyone can do now except for wait until training camp (and then wait until the season starts) and see how Sidney Crosby is feeling. We won't know anything until then. Crosby could be feeling awful symptoms today and be fine in a month. He could be fine today and feel terrible in a month. No one knows. The reason people are even talking about this is because it's August. What else is there to talk about, another trade between the Sharks and the Wild? The Islanders celebrating something else pointless?
Relax, enjoy your summer and the Crosby stuff will sort itself out in due time.
Go Pens.