Ted Leonsis Can’t Stop Saying Dumb Things

When you come across an article entitled "Leonsis says Stanley Cup is 'just a matter of time'," you know you're gonna get something good.  Ted Leonsis speaking is like Christmas to us.  No matter what he says you know it's going to be stupid and worth a blog post.


This time is no different.

"One year, a goal scored won't get called back," he said on ESPN 980's The Sports Fix. "It'll happen to the other team, or we'll be on the power play in overtime in the playoffs. If you're there enough, good fortune will shine on you. I believe that.

Yes Ted, it's the referees' fault the Capitals haven't won the Cup yet.  They keep calling back good goals just to punish you.  They keep calling penalties on your guys just because they hate your team.  That's why you lost.  It has nothing to do with your style of play or your level of effort or the quality of the opposing team at all… it's all someone else's fault.  Every time.

"The NHL playoffs are very different [than the regular season]," he said. " They're officiated differently. Things that work in the regular season don't. You have to adapt. We get it. We know. Hopefully we'll do better this year."

Yes, the NHL playoffs are different from the regular season. Very good. Have a cookie.  No, don't eat them all.

But you only realized that now? Come on. And again with the referees?  Seriously?  Ted, it was five months ago.  The next season is almost underway.  It's time to move on and to use all of that talent and passion and skill your team has to actually win something this year, unless the referee's don't let you again.

"I believe that if the Caps can qualify for the playoffs, 10 or 15 years in a row, and we have a really good team that's young and has upside, that with that continuity and that knocking on the door enough, that we'll get our fair share of Stanley Cups. That's what I believe and I have to believe."

So you're saying that a team that is really good for 10 or 15 years has a shot at the Cup? No way!  Really?  Of course there's that little problem of, you know, managing to put together a contending team for 10 or 15 straight years.  Of course, only two teams are currently in the middle of post-season appearance streaks longer than 10 seasons (Detroit & New Jersey) but don't worry about that.  You'll definitely be competitive for the next 15 years.  Sure you will.  And you'll certainly get your "fair share of Stanley Cups."

That's right, not one.  A "fair share," which we can only assume means at least two if not more.  Ted Leonsis believes that the Washington Capitals will win at least two Stanley Cups in the next 15 years, if they can qualify for the playoffs.

It's one thing when a blogger or a media personality says ridiculous things like this.  It's a whole other thing when the owner of a professional sports team and millionaire business executive says them.  You know what the owner of the Penguins probably spends most of his time doing?

Enjoying being the millionaire owner of a sports franchise, not making ridiculous remarks to the media.

We're going to end this post with the only way we know how: with a link to this post.

Thanks Ted.  We'll see you in a few months.