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If the HBO Winter Classic preview has done anything, it's stoked the fires of a sleeping giant of a rivalry.

Timeline: March 8, 2009.
Pens head into Washington for a regular-season game.
They win 4-3 in a shootout.

The next day, D.C. Sports Bog ran an article about Caps fans handing out pacifiers with Sidney Crosby's name on them in the crowd.

This picture was in that article.


Fast-forward to November 18, 2010.

Recently, The Washington Post posted some article (in the health section, mind you) about how pacifiers can stunt a baby's speech or something.

Look what picture they used:

Granted, the authors of the article were just lazy, needed a pacifier pic, and probably did a keyword search internally for it.

Thanks to Michael M. for spotting this article.


Now let's rewind a little and go forward again.
In that March 9 post on D.C. Sports Bog, this picture was also in it.

Fast-forward to May 6, 2009.
Letang's OT goal brings the Pens back in the series, still down 2 games to 1.  The pacifier queen on the far left of that JumboTron pic took time from filming an episode of Whale Wars to get Stunned-Pic'd.

Someone may actually die on the ice at the Winter Classic.

Over the weekend, good old Sven saw these in a DC area crap shop:

So, not only are the Caps fans obsessed with Crosby, but the defensemen are, too?  Sad.

If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, head to the blog's May 2009 archives.
Intense times.

Pens play the Panthers tonight.