Stunned. Welcome to the new Pensblog.
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First thing you've noticed is that the black background is gone.  And, really, the only reason we ever used the black background was to be able to use the Pens' Vegas Gold for link colors.  Those days are done.  Time to move on.

— The left sidebar on the hompage is pretty simple.

It shows the Pens' next game, a schedule (more on that later), and the latest post from Stephen S.'s blog.

— Down the main body of the page is the blog's recent updates.  On the old blog, we had our 5 latest updates going down the page with "Read More" jumps.  Here we have our 9 latest updates.

— If you've scrolled down the homepage, you've seen a couple new additions to the blog: The Wilkes-Blog, which will be keeping tabs on everything Wilkes-Barre/Scranton.  Everything.  The Wilkes-Blog homepage is set up exactly like the Pensblog homepage.  Still waiting for the AHL to release their schedule.

— Also, Stephen S. has begun his own blog, updating it with some of his latest sketches and some walkthroughs on how he creates images.


In your separate tab/window displaying the homepage, we can run through the top menu bar.

"Home" — Mousing over home reveals some links beneath.  The one we are pumped about is the "Schedule" link. Every game recap we've ever done is now accessible on a monthly calendar; clicking a day reveals a link to that game's recap, from 2006 to now.

"Pensblog" — Clicking this will take you to our old blog format of posts going down the page with "Read More" jumps.  If you prefer that layout over the new one (the 3×3 square of stories), bookmark that page instead.  Mousing over "Pensblog" reveals Recaps, Gamedays, Jobber Posts, Stoosh, and the Archives in the menu underneath.  Our posts from now on will be put into these categories.  Clicking one of those will list the posts in that category.

"Wilkes-Blog" — Clicking this item in the top white menu bar takes you to the blog format of posts going down the page with "Read More" jumps.  Mousing over "Wilkes-Blog" reveals "Wilkes-Blog Home."  Clicking that sends you to the Wilkes-Blog homepage that is akin to the new Pensblog homepage.

"Picasa Albums" — The albums will be finished by the end of August.  Throughout that time, more and more pictures will be accessible via searches.

"Contests" — This is where we'll be posting Twitter and Photoshop contests throughout the season.

"Links" — Links to NHL news Twitter accounts, Pens news sources, and Penguin blogs.

"EASHL" — Links to the XBOX and PS3 blogs.

"Storeblog" — Storeblog, all embedded within the blog itself.

"Downloads" — We've wanted to do this for a while.  We did a G-Mail search and grabbed up wallpapers we could find to start this page out.  If you have any Pens wallpapers, e-mail them in.  Once some graphics start coming in, we will experiment in order to optimize that page better.

"Stephen S." — Stephen S.'s blog.

"About" — FAQs


Comments: We've lost the comments from the last 5 posts on the old Pensblog, from when we copied the site in order to work on it up until now, when it's gone live.  Sorry.  Jokes.  A new comment system is in the works and is slated to be ready before the season starts.  The new comment system will be on coke.

The comments system for this new site will get the job done until then.
All Bloguin login names, avatars, etc. are intact.


We're pumped about this change.  Took about 5 minutes for us to get used to the white background.

Come hell or high water, this new blog layout will be optimized for loading times.
Any issues with new site, in regard to viewing it on certain operating systems/browser, e-mail us.