I am a Pens fan from PA who has been living in CA for a few years.  This summer I went to a San Francisco Giants game when the Bucs were in town (we won 9-2).  As I walked back to my car, my brother and I saw something on the windshield.  Someone left me a note of hate for Crosby.  I guess they saw my Pens bumper sticker and wanted to let me know what they thought about our captain.  Didn't even spell his name right.  And who carries around post-its with them at all times?!  Crosby hate is real and really is everywhere.  I attached a pic of the note. – Stacey
-Roy H. found that the CONSOL construction cam is now the Civic Arena demolition cam.
We got some more stuff…


kiwipensfan took Charlie to the Rugby World Cup Final.
MJ saw who Sports Illustrated is taking.
Suzie, Carolyn, and Jennie bought Charlie to Toronto:
TR spotted Carrot up to no good on Twitter
Aaron A. spotted this Iceburgh skateboard

Advocado Tom found this YouTube of the Pens switching goalies on the fly back in 1992.

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