STATS: Unreal turnaround for Matt Niskanen

In the off-season we were already counting Matt Niskanen out of the Penguins lineup.
We started calling him Matt Riskanen
And jesus were we wrong.
Niskanen has honestly been one of the most surprising Penguin players this season.
A look at Niskanen's strong season stats after readmore.
To understand how strong of a turnaround Matt Niskanen has had, you have to understand where he was last year:
2010 Stats:
This year has been a whole different story:
On pace for a +24. Mannnnnnnnnnnn.
This is the first time since his rookie year that Niskanen has been on the plus side.
The stats are just the outward reflection. Some nights you don't even notice Niskanen, which is not a bad thing. He is just getting shit done.
We could not have been more wrong. What a player right now.