STATS: The inevitable Paul Martin vs Sergei Gonchar comparsion

This one is tough. Gonch was an aging defenseman. He came off a not-so solid playoff ( see Travis Moen's goal in game 7)

Paul Martin was the puck moving defenseman from the New Jersey Devils. He was younger, much less of a risk.

From Rob Rossi that summer:

The Penguins prefer a two-year term at no more than his previous $5 million annual salary, and Barry said last week a two-year deal would need to include an average annual salary raise.

As it turned out, the Senators grabbed Gonch for three-years, $16.5 million deal.

The Penguins responded by signing Paul Martin to a five-year, $25 million deal.

Is it fair to compare the two players? Absolutely. Ray Shero, for better or worse, didn't think Gonch deserved the three-year deal. He choose Martin over Gonch.

It has been two years since that played out. 

We compare the last two years after readmore


Using DobberHockey's comparsion tool.

We'll compare the last two years.


Almost a wash. Although Gonchar's -15 made things look like Shero made the right move.



Gonch strikes back. Big time focus on the giveaway/takeaway department, though. Paul Martin doesn't make as many mistakes as we think he does. 

But Gonch with almost 30 more shots on net. And look at the minutes. Gonch logging big minutes still. Gonch out hitting Martin too. Yikes.


Summary: To close to call. But…who would you rather have on the point of the Powerplay right now, Steve Sullivan or Gonch