STATS: Matt Cooke and Sidney Crosby
With the return of Sidney Crosby came a goal explosion by Matt Cooke, who persevered through not trying to injure people this season.  Upon Sid's return, Cooke was placed on Crosby's wing and told to go out and do shit.  And he has done shit.  Against the Rangers and Devils, Matt Cooke registered two 2-goal games back-to-back. 
So we headed to the Elias Sports Bureau, a.k.a. the Internet, to see if Matt Cooke has ever had an explosion of this magnitude.  The answer is no.

Here are the facts from Matt Cooke's career:

-He has scored goals in consecutive games only 9 times.

-But he's had 11 two-goal games.  And he's had 2 two-goal performances in playoff games.

-He's never had a hat trick.

-Hidden stat.  Only scored 1 goal in 2009 Cup run.

Here's the Game Log.