STATS: Jagr vs. TK/Sullivan: Round 2

If you watched "Moneyball," you know that Billy Beane's main message was not replacing players straight up, but rather have a more 3- or 2-to-1 ratio, meaning if you can't replace one player's stats with another, find two or more players that can.

In our first Jagr v. TK/Sullivan comparison, we found things were almost even.


Jagr = 21 points

TK/Sullivan = 22 points.

After readmore we revisit the stats:


Via dobberhockey's awesome compare-a-player tool, here is the breakdown:

The tool gives Double J the win in categories, but purely based on points TK/Sullivan are projected to finish at 85 combined. Double J projected to finish at 70.
Some other interesting things:
  • Sullivan and Jagr both with 13 points on the powerplay. Very interesting.
  • Jagr blowing both out of the water in points per game clicking at .85.
  • Jagr plus 7.
  • TK hitting the net 78.7% of the time


So in summary, Shero was still able to get two players to outperform Jagr by basically spending the same amount of money.

No one was championing Jagr more than us, but this proves the right move may have been made.

Can't wait to see how this test case plays out in the playoffs. For right now, advantage: Shero.