STATS: ESPN really hates hockey

Interesting stats on hockey coverage via Deadspin:

 Perhaps this isn't shocking to most of the audience, but the extent to which The Worldwide Leader ignores hockey is astounding. Despite being in the middle of the regular season, the sport was granted all of 13.5 minutes, or less than three percent of the content. That's less time than was devoted to the MLB, a sport in the middle of an offseason with few newsworthy events since Albert Pujols joined the Angels in December. The NHL is the only major sport that does not have a television deal with ESPN.

That analysis took place from January 7th to the 18th.

Of those 13.5 minutes, 5 minutes were spent on the talking about the Penguins, which was the most mentioned hockey team. That accounts for .6% of programing. The total time was 560 minutes after commercials.