Start The Crosby Rumor Mill Back Up…

From Evgeni Malkin on Twitter.

Before everyone gets all excited, what Malkin probably means is that the team had a practice with contact and Sidney Crosby was there. From the pics on, Crosby is still wearing a white non-contact helmet.

Sidney Crosby is not cleared for contact, but how hilarious would it be if the news broke via an Evgeni Malkin Tweet?

EDIT: Rob Rossi, Dave MolinariROOT Sports and PensPR all say that the white helmet means no contact. He's not cleared, no matter what some other people have said. Malkin's Tweet will be dissected and interpreted by every rumor blogger for the rest of the week now.

EDIT 2: Malkin has now Tweeted this:

Sid's quote from the Penguins' website:

Everything seems to be coming slowly, but I think with each day all of that gets better and better. It’s tough. I’m kind of going based on December of last year and how I felt. I’m not going to get to that level this week. So it’s just a matter of being realistic with how much you want to improve each day, but also paying attention to everything that’s important to make that transition as smooth as possible. 

He may go on the west coast trip with the team to start the season, depending on how he's feeling.