Staal setback has major implications for fans
When the news broke early Thursday morning that an infection in Jordan Staal's foot would cause him to possibly miss the first month of the season, it sent shockwaves through the Pens fanbase.
No one felt it more than Bridgeville resident Richard Boyan, an outspoken member of the Jordan Staal Hater Club.
"Yeah, this sucks," Boyan said.  "My entire Penguin fandom for the past few years has been predicated around magnifying every mistake Jordan Staal makes and using that to justify trading him to the Los Angeles Kings for Dustin Brown and a player to be named later.  With Staal on the shelf, I have no reason to go to my usual message boards."
Fans like Boyan have selective memories, proven when the topic of Staal's return from this foot injury in last season's series against the Canadiens is raised.
"That just went to show that Staal doesn't have the Pens' long-term interests at heart," Boyan said.  "Everyone knew the Pens were gonna lose that series, because Staal sucks.  If he would've stayed out of the lineup, they probably would have won the series.  But Staal was more concerned with his personal accolades than the success of the team, and now he's hurt the Penguins chances at the beginning of this season.  Trade him."
Confronted with the conundrum he just created in saying that not having Staal hurts the Pens' chances this season when he had previously said the Pens are better with him out of the lineup, Mr. Boyan didn't flinch.
"Staal sucks."


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