St. Louis Blues Season Preview
It was good to see the Blues get into the playoffs back in '08-'09.
But then last year, they missed the playoffs by 5 points.
5 points.  That's nothing.
The Blues have been silently sick on defense the past 3 seasons.
Last year, they were 11th-best in goals against per game with 2.66.
And that might improve because flavor of the week Halak joined the Blues in the offseason.
If the Blues were in, say, the Southeast Division in the East, they'd be a lock to get into the playoffs.
But nope.  St. Louis sees Detroit, Chicago, and Nashville 80 times a year.
A couple of those divisional games held the 5 points they needed for a playoff spot.
Gotta like the Blues.  They have loads of young talent maturing together.
For our season preview this year, we are connecting every team to a TV series from the '90s.
The man with tons of pressure on him to win in St. Louis is the architect of the current team:
John Davidson.
Or, is he really…
Mr. Belvedere.
It is def there:
Mr. Belverdere ran from 1985-1990.
John Davidson is entering his fifth season as Blue President.
Actually he is entering his fourth season we needed to add that for effect.
And if we didn't tell you it was only his fourth season, you would've never known.
Interesting fact about Mr. Belvedere:  It was based in Beaver Falls, PA.
Had no idea. Mr. Belverdere ened with him going to Africa to get married.
Blue's Clues is gay