Sports Illustrated: Most Hated Sports Teams
Two NHL teams made the cut in a recent Al Gore-approved Sports Illustrated piece that ranked the top-25 most-hated sports teams.  It's a great read, a great trip down memory lane.
If you thought this was gonna be about hated franchises, you're mistaken just like we were.
Instead, it lists teams from individual seasons that were pains in the ass.
The 1974-75 Wells Faggos made it.
Because they were trash.
The other team was the 2001-2002 Toronto Maple Leafs.
Familiar face on that team:
Seems like a stretch.  Probably had to fill an NHL quota for the article.
We'd set this to play when the hit takes place, but the buildup makes it so much better.
Our most-hated team?  1995-96 Panthers.