Someone got arrested for Wooing. Your move, Consol.

via The Stratford Star:

Deshawn Fields, 18, of 306 Bond St., Bridgeport, was just "being stupid for no reason" according to Stratford police when he proceeded to repeatedly yell "woo" at people along Main Street, Sept. 18. He'll have to explain his reasoning to a judge on Aug. 3.
Fields was the passenger in a vehicle traveling along Main Street where an officer in an unmarked car first noticed him.

Go on.

Police said Fields "wooed" at patrons at Blue Point Grill, Acapulco's and McCoy's Pub. According to the report, "several people were disturbed over his disturbing behavior."

Maybe Consol and the Penguins will enact a citzen's arrest policy for next season. If you are charged with wooing you are bought to trial underneath Consol. Your options will be exile, or listening to Steve Mears talk about solar system.


H/t to Andy M. for finding the story.