So who ordered the Code Red?

Here's what we know.  According to Dejan, three sources informed him that some players held a meeting to discuss a temporary captaincy of the team in Crosby's absence.  This is as close to a Code Red as it gets in the hockey world, other than actually attacking Robert Bortuzzo in his sleep and sticking a rag down his throat.

So, who ordered the Code Red? 


 We take a look at the likely suspects:

First off, let's look at the two guys who are suspects simply because of the "A" they wear on their sweater.  This meeting wouldn't have been called by Tyler Kennedy. Mainly because Tyler Kennedy seldom does anything correct.

If the "C" would be given to someone, it would be Brooks Orpik.  He's been vocal the last couple weeks in regard to the team manning up and not waiting for people to come back.  He's always pissed, so his demeanor during those interviews doesn't mean much.  If we had to give the "C" to someone, it would be Orpik, hands down.
Or maybe it was Jordan Staal. No reason to include him here other than that he has an "A" and he is probably the most polarizing player in Penguins history.  Might as well add to that.
Could it have been Richard Park? Maybe he doesn't like the treatment of Hines Ward and he felt being the Penguins captain would give him the correct forum to express outrage.
A proven leader who just wins, it wouldn't surprise us if Tebow was on the Steelers' plane back from Denver, saw the turmoil in the Pens' locker room, and took matters into his own hands.
This meeting, if it did happen, is one of the bigger stories in recent years. Did the meeting bring Sid out of hiding? Who was there? Malkin didn't do it, but what is his take?
Let's put it this way: Crosby decided at some point to fly into Washington on Wednesday. Something was up. 
The only player not in Washington: Jordan Staal.
God help us all.