So what is Steve Sullivan about?

Fuck the players that aren't here, time to focus on the players that will be.
After the smoked cleared, Shero signed Steve Sullivan to a 1 year deal, worth 1.5 million.

His stats:

By all accounts, Sullivan is a scrappy son of a bitch.
Faceoff-Factor has some good info about him from a Preds blogger.
The overlying factor with Sullivan is that if he stays healthy, he could net 15-20 goals, and help the powerplay
If you look at his 2009-2010 season above, we'll take that all day.
He isn't a guy that is going to carrying the team, but when you have guys like Malkin and Crosby dishing the puck, anything is possible.
And that is the wild card. Sullivan hasn't ever played with talents like Crosby and Malkin.
Some vids:
Some playoff goal:

This video is some hip check on Brandon Douchbinsky. Looks like Sullivan was playing the point on this powerplay?

Solid player. Go pens