So wait, will Kronwall be suspended too?

Watch this hit by Niklas Kronwall:

Notice this hit went largely unnoticed last night. There wasn't a post on Puck Daddy about it. TSN wasn't chirping about it, neither was Versus.

But if the result of a hit like this is still a concussion, then shouldn't it be taken out of the game? How is this hit any worse than what Engo did? Kronwall threw his entire body into Kesler. There is contact with the head, no question.

Now read this quote by Mike Babcock via the Free Press:

"If they're taking that out of hockey," he said, "then we don't have hockey any more. I mean, one guy had the puck, he's coming up the wall, the other guy is going after him. Good hit."

The NHL is beyond confusing.