Site Updates

Some quick housekeeping.

The RSS Feeds are alive and well.
We've taken the "Read More" out of the RSS Feeds, too.
The RSS links will soon be getting a spot up in the menu bar.
,,,there are reports of the main body of the new site not working in Internet Explorer 7 and 10.
It's fine in IE8, from what we've seen.
This would mostly affect the workplace.
If Internet Explorer is your preferred means of surfing the Internet at home,
then tell us when you leave the '90s.
Actually, if you're using those versions of Internet Explorer, you aren't reading this.
So suck it.
The timestamps on the blogposts are now in the 12-hour format.
Once we get the comments in line with that, we're golden.
We also added arrows to the block of stories on the homepage.
It cycles through the last 18 updates.
Those arrows should be in opposite spots.  Working on it.
Speaking of working on it,
we realized in the Tim Benz post that screenshots may not jibe with a white background.
So that border does the trick.
All hands on deck for the awkward Winter Classic press conference on Tuesday.
Go Pens.