Crosby Watch Part Two: What Everyone Else Is Saying

While the recent Sidney Crosby news is depressing, what might be even more depressing is that we may be returning to the near constant "no update" updates about Sidney Crosby's health. It also looks like we're heading back to the daily speculation.

Here's what various media outlets and blogs had to say about the situation today.

Crosby says setback isn't severe, but who really knows? – Ottawa Citizen

We interrupt the spectacular comeback with the worst possible news: Sidney Crosby, out indefinitely once again, with concussion symptoms.

There is no way, it seems, to keep hockey head trauma from the headlines.

Read it and weep. Crosby, merely the finest player on the planet, is out once more, having already missed nearly 11 months of action from two separate collisions. He is joined on the sidelines by the National Hockey League’s leading scorer, Philadelphia Flyers shining star Claude Giroux, who won’t play Tuesday against Washington or Wednesday in Montreal after receiving a blow to the head on Saturday.


From elation to gloom – the NHL spirals into another abyss – The Globe & Mail

Perhaps it is just the season of peace and goodwill, but many hockey observers who were all over the NHL this year for its inaction on head shots and fist fights are today feeling just a bit sorry for hockey.

It is as if the Dark Ages have unexpectedly rolled back, the relief of only three weeks ago – when Sidney Crosby returned after 11 months of struggling with postconcussion syndrome to score four points against the New York Islanders – instantly turned to distant memory. Crosby has not scored a goal since his two that euphoric night of Nov. 21.


Sidney Crosby's latest injury could mean long-term absence – Montreal Gazette

So much for “playing it safe,” eh?

What else is there to say about Sidney Crosby now that the collisions in which he’s been involved since returning to the Pittsburgh Penguins lineup have left him with post-concussion symptoms?



it's not all in your head – Puck Huffers

Today's the day that we receive news about Crosby, who didn't go on the team's last road trip and had no intention of playing from the outset. He met the media this afternoon and said words we're all pretty familiar with. No timetable for return. He wants to be at 100%. He doesn't feel bad, but he has symptoms.

Sidney Crosby's head injury made waves this past January. The idea that the game's best player could be taken out indefinitely in the middle of a career year was unthinkable and disappointing. What matched the magnitude of that disappointment, nearly, was the shock and appreciation that Dan Bylsma and the remaining team, after seemingly endless injuries, still played well and made the playoffs. We know that winning isn't necessarily due to talent or to determination, it's a combination of both. Crosby obviously brings both, but the rest of the team is capable as well. And so we succeed, to a degree.

The fact that Crosby has suffered a setback is, at this point, disheartening. But this type of thing is going to happen, medically.


Crosby, Penguins taking right approach with concussion situation – Sporting News

Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins did everything they could to ensure that the superstar’s comeback from a 10-month layoff with a concussion would go smoothly. The fact that Crosby is going back on the shelf indefinitely shows that there is no way to ever be sure when it comes to brain injuries.

Crosby was held out of the Penguins’ last two games for what the team called precautionary reasons after seemingly innocuous collisions with teammate Chris Kunitz and Boston’s David Krejci last Monday. He was expected to return to action on Tuesday against the Detroit Red Wings, but those plays have been wiped out.


Sidney Crosby and the 100-percent headache – Puck Daddy

Lambert was correct when he wrote that we all, for the most part, pushed away thoughts that this could happen again after Crosby lit up the NHL in his return. At the first sign of trouble, he was going to be out of the lineup again, and indefinitely.

Which leads to two uncomfortable questions: Will he ever feel 100 percent again, given that one knock to the head has knocked him out of the lineup; and if that's the case, what does it mean for his own expectations and/or the rest of his NHL career?


Is Sidney Crosby's career in jeopardy? – ESPN Sportsnation

The Penguins were just starting to enjoy having Sidney Crosby back in the lineup after an extended absence because of a concussion, but it looks like he's not fully over his previous injury. Crosby is out indefinitely with concussion-like symptoms — a big loss for the Penguins, but even more significantly, a sign of extreme concern for Crosby's health and career. Should he and the Penguins have waited a little bit longer?


Back To The Crosby Watch – The Spin at The Toronto Star

This was supposed to be over. But it's anything but over.

Just a week after NHL commissioner Gary Bettman blithely dismissed findings linking a serious brain condition (CTE) to hockey, the league got a stark reminder today that brain injuries (formerly known by the more benign term concussions) are still the No. 1 issue facing the sport with a setback to Sidney Crosby's comeback.

Crosby didn't want to make that big of a deal about it. But he couldn't practice, or didn't feel well enough to practice, and admitted he was a bit confused by it all. No big hit, nothing like the David Steckel collision, yet symptoms are back and everyone who loves the sport is worried.


There's No Telling When Crosby Can Play – The Wall Street Journal Online

After missing two games last week because of a recurrence of concussion-like symptoms, Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby said Monday he didn't know when he'd be ready to play again. Crosby had missed close to a year of action before returning to the Penguins' lineup last month. He had 12 points (two goals, 10 assists) in eight games this season, but he told reporters Monday that he skated with exertion the day after the team's 3-1 loss to Boston on Dec. 5 and "didn't feel right." He hasn't played since, and he said there was no timetable for his return.


No time frame for return after concussion symptoms –

Sidney Crosby never guessed he would be going through this again — not this soon, not this season, and especially not the way he was playing.

The Pittsburgh Penguins' superstar is experiencing concussion-like symptoms again, only three weeks after returning from a 10-month layoff. For now, he's not practicing or playing, and he isn't certain when he will be back.

Crosby emphasized Monday that he is feeling much better than he did when he was diagnosed with a concussion nearly a year ago — and better than he did a few weeks before training camp began. But after being out for so long, he's not about to risk returning too soon.