Sid Skipping The All-Star Game?

You can hear the Crosby haters and the national media crying already.  

The word filtering out of the Pittsburgh Penguins is that Crosby is an angry young man, angry enough to pull his considerable star presence from one of the league’s showcase events because he does not think the NHL is doing enough to protect its players. An NHL source said Crosby is not likely to tell the NHL he is withdrawing from the all-star game to protest the fact neither player who hit him on the head was suspended. However, he could easily decline and cite the need for complete recovery from a mild concussion.

Of course, "word filtering out" and "an NHL source" doesn't scream reputable, but if Sid wants to skip the game, he should skip it.  The All-Star Game is basically a joke anyway.  
For anyone who wants to complain that Sid isn't doing his best to help the league, Sidney Crosby has done more for the NHL than pretty much anyone else.  He's been the perfect role model, always saying the right thing, always smiling for the camera and never going against the status quo.  If he feels like skipping the game, he should skip it.  Who cares what Bettman or anyone else thinks?
Because he's Sidney Crosby, he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.  If he misses the game, he'll be called a spoiled brat.  If he plays, he'll be criticized for coming back too early.  Seriously, it doesn't matter if he plays in the game or not.  We just care if he recovers.  Crosby or the Pens shouldn't even bother making a statement about this.  Bylsma said he won't give daily updates on Sid anymore and that he'll play when he's ready.  That's all that needs to be said.  Of course, because it's Sidney Crosby he'll be expected to deny this story immediately.  And he will.
To be honest, we hope he takes this a step further and calls the NHL a "garage league."