Sick Shoes, Bro. Bizarre Clothing Trends Continue At Consol

We have gotten a few e-mails detailing people spotting man boots known as "Buggs" at Pens games. By no means are we an authority on how to dress, but that doesn't mean we can't make fun of people.

A story from reader Dan S:

I'm not sure what will happen with this story, but the picture was funny enough that I wanted all Pens fans to get a laugh. I'm with 3 friends at the bar outside of section 108 last night during the 2nd intermission. As we're standing there, one of us notices that the guy behind us has a unique pair of shoes. I'm sure everyone is aware of the phenomenon of Ugg boots for women, but last night we found out that some men also wear them as well.  Seizing the opportunity, my friend pulled out his iPhone and snapped a picture. He did not take kindly to this, and after a few expletives, he walked away. As we continued to joke about "Buggs" (boy uggs), the guy apparently felt the need to justify his choice of footwear.  To the best of my knowledge, his exact language was as follows: "You guys sure talk pretty loud. You really think its that funny that I'm wearing these? You know, Tom Brady endorses these and he gets more pussy than all four of you combined. You wouldn't make fun of Tom Brady if you saw him wearing these." I'm not sure if he was new to Pittsburgh or just completely naive to the fact that 99% of Pittsburgh fans consider Tom Brady to be the biggest douche bag in the NFL, but he got his final words in, walked away, and we all went back to watch the game. He got his words in but we got the picture.  Enjoy.

This would be the gayest thing to happen in CONSOL this month if it wasn't for the guy on the left in the super sweater:

We posted this pic in a post a while ago, and the dude went off in the comments.

He has been asked to send an e-mail to us.
But presumably he is unable to move his neck, based on this pic.