#ShitPensFansNeverSay submissions

A couple days ago, Taylor sent a funny video about Shit Nobody Says: Hockey Edition.  We asked them if we could help them make a Penguins fans edition, and they are on board.

So drop some lines in C-Blog and on Twitter using the tag #ShitPensFansNeverSay. We'll collect the best ones and send them along.  Just killing some time during the All-Star Break.

Here are some:

"Man, really looking forward to the Root Sports broadcast tonight."

"The Steigerwalds are totally not insane."

"Can't wait for Tim Benz's thoughts on the game."

"The Pensblog is really fast today."

"I Wish Howard Baldwin still owned the team."

"I'm pregnant, and I can't wait to watch a game at CONSOL."

"The music level at CONSOL is totally fine."

"Wow, I can't wait to stay and watch the final 10 minutes of the game."