SEASON PREVIEW — Part 5: The Atlantic Division. Born in Blood.

Any given season, the Atlantic Division is a war zone. But this upcoming season, there's a feeling in the Atlantic Division unlike anything we've seen in a long time.  There will be so much hate inside one division, Congress will probably pass a bill to make it illegal.
Usually when it comes to the Atlantic Division, we just go about our business, worry about our own shit. But this season the Atlantic is personal. After last season with the Islanders and this off-season with the Flyers, there's no other way to live.
We visit the Atlantic…

All the Ranger fanboys were touching themselves when Ryan Callahan was named captain for some reason. Speaks volumes of what the Rangers are about. Underachieving assholes. They signed Brad Richards in the offseason to some big-time deal. Can't wait to see what scrub is going to score a big goal against the Pens this year.
First matchup with the Pens this year:
November 29 @ MSG — Always a good time.
Player that will probably score against the Pens:
Brandon Crybinsky
Favorite Rangers moment last year:

Rinkotology player to watch:
Stunnedqvist ain't no joke.
Best Rangers blog:
Predicted finish:
8th in the Conference.

The Devils started last season like 0-25. They had a good second half and almost made the playoffs. They are probably flying under the radar a little too much. Couldn't even tell you who their coach is. Can't wait to be surprised about it.

First matchup with the Pens this year:
October 22 @ CONSOL
Player that will probably score against the Pens:
Peter Sykora ksjknsjjsjsnkns
Favorite Devils moment:
This is actually from two years ago. Always fun:

Rinkotology player to watch:
Kovalchuk. Had an unrealistic finish to the season last year.
Best Devils blog:
Predicted finish:
Last hopefully.

If it weren't for the Ambush on the Isle, we'd have some positive things to say about the Islanders.  They have a young core of talent that may start putting together some more wins.  But the organization will mess it up somehow.

First matchup with the Pens this year:
October 25 on the Isle.
Player that will probably score against the Pens:
Kyle Okjokso
Favorite upcoming Isles moment:
When they move.
Rinkotology player to watch:
John Tavares
Best Isles blog:
Lemon Party
Predicted finish:
In Charlie's butthole

Nothing else matters.