Say It Ain’t So

That was this morning.
Later on came this:

Could Billy G be heading across the state?


Right now it looks like he's just skating with the Flyers, but it could definitely lead to something more.

According to, the Flyers have $877,737 in cap space.  Will Guerin take a big paycut to play in Philly?  Will the Flyers shed some salary in order to fit him on the team?  Will Pens fans be able to handle seeing him in black and orange if he makes the move?


The season opener is looking more and more interesting every day.



Go Pens.


Edit 2:

“Philadelphia is a great organization,” said Guerin, wearing a Flyer T-shirt after his workout. “I’m still looking to play. We’ll see what happens…"

“Sid and I have a good relationship,” Guerin said. “We’re good buddies. As much as I helped him, he helped me. For a while there, I felt like was dying a bit. He kinda put some life back into me. He pushed me in practice, pushed me in games. We got a good relationship.”

Which is why it stunned Guerin even more not to re-sign.  

“Yeah, I am disappointed,” Guerin said. “It’s tough. But that is the business … I haven’t really commented on it yet. I don’t plan to comment for a while. But I enjoyed  my time there. It’s tough on the family because it’s late.”

The plot thickens…

Say It Ain’t So

Jason M. sent this in:
FSN Pittsburgh is blacking out pre- and post-game Penguins shows on DirecTV unless you live in PA, OH and WV.  They haven't done this in years past, and it's pissing me off.  That's the whole reason I pay for the sports pack, to get the Pittsburgh shows.  DTV said that it's FSN's call.  I'm calling them Monday to complain, but I've noticed other people in c-blog have mentioned it.  With enough pressure, maybe we Pens fans that live out of the immediate area can get their pre- and post-game fix.  Thanks.
FSN Pittsburgh 412-316-3800
After the jump, an unreal video from the Devils-Flyers game.
It involves a fan fight.
Flyers fans took some busloads of fans down to Jersey for the game.
The weirdest part was, back in Philly, infighting among Flyers fans only resulted in a stabbing.
Head to The 700 Level for the full scoop.
This video probably won't be online by Monday morning.