Rumor City: Sid/Bylsma Disagreement

The source of the story is a Rob Rossi piece from today's Trib.
Apparently, Crosby and Bylsma disagree on how to deal with Marc-Andre Fleury's current play.
Bylsma says that Johnson should play until Fleury gets his confidence back.  Sid thinks Fleury should play his way out of his slump.
This is clearly a minor disagreement. There's nothing in the Rossi article or the PHT post that indicates that this is anything other than a difference in opinion.  The two aren't arguing or upset with one another.  The PHT post is just blowing the entire situation out of proportion.
Of course, a Sid/Bylsma feud would be great for journalists.
Crosby rarely ends up in any sort of controversy, so this would be big news.
Unfortunately, it's not big news.  It's a slightly interesting point that fills space on a slow news day.
That's why we're posting about it.
However, it does bring up an interesting debate.
Should Fleury, who is clearly struggling and lacking confidence, be allowed to play until he gets his groove back or is winning – and therefore playing Johnson – the only thing that matters?
Go Pens.