ROOT Sports GM Just Doesn’t Get It

Good read from Dejan Kovacevic on ROOT Sports. [ PG ]

Here is the part of that article that makes us want to slice off our middle finger, eat it, throw it back up and then send it to the GM of Root Sports:

Too much of that can be a negative, too, as Root found out when it missed one of the Penguins' goals in the playoff series against the Tampa Bay Lightning because the director switched to the handheld in the corner as the puck quickly went to the slot for the Jordan Staal goal.

Even the most skilled director is going to miss a goal once in a while," McClintock said. "I still think there's a way to bring other angles to the game."

Ask most diehard hockey fans, and they would prefer simply watching the game from the standard center-ice camera, in the conservative tradition of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "Hockey Night in Canada." In high-definition, the thinking goes, the camera barely needs to move to the left and right to show a full zone at any given time.

"I've heard that more than once, and I know we have a lot of diehards in Pittsburgh," McClintock said. "But I also don't see Pittsburgh as the traditional CBC market. Their fan base is younger, more tech-savvy, and I think they appreciate some of the different angles we bring to the game. I think that applies to the casual, moderate fan, too. We're always trying to educate and grow our audience."


It is almost impossible to be this stupid. Almost.


  • It is never okay to miss a goal. Never. Ever.
  • "I think they appreciate some of the different angles we bring to the game." – No we don't. Like we really don't. In fact we've never had a conversation with another human being that went like this:
person 1: " Oh man how about that awesome camera view ROOT sports showed."
person 2: " So awesome. It was better than the goal. Camera views are so awesome."
…(high five)
  •  Shawn McClintock has no facts to back his statements up. In reality everyone hates ROOT sports. Their coverage of the game of hockey is like a skinny Ethiopian kids first trip to a Old Country Buffet.. There are high schools that have a better feel for productions.

All the gadgets are great and everything, but sorry being tech savvy and watching a hockey game aren't one in the same. Until someone in this fucking town gets that, enjoy watching misguided and embarrassing coverage of the Penguins for the next 400 years or until someone gets through to the stupid fuck that runs ROOT sports.

For next years opening montage they should just have a AGH camera replay of Scott McClintock taking a piss all over a TV, because that is what the production value of ROOT sports is.


Go to hell.