Rob Rossi’s article on Malkin/Crosby from this weekend
After a 8-2 drubbing the last thing anyone wanted to do was read about hockey for the next 24 hours. At least that is why we missed this bombshell Rob Rossi from the weekend. [ TRIB ]
At this point, anybody who claims to know how to read these daily developments of the Penguins’ injured superstar centers (Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin) is jerking you around. I don’t, and I’m in direct contact with their respective camps and team officials. As I informed a local media colleague Saturday during Game 5 at Consol Energy Center – truly, I don’t know what to believe anymore about the respective statuses of Crosby (concussion) and Malkin (right knee). All I can offer is this from a person with longtime ties to the organization. This person told me Saturday that – based off what he’s been told – he would expect Malkin back before Crosby this postseason.

Really, though, who knows?

I can offer this observation: A few weeks ago when the Penguins casually dropped notice that Malkin required surgery on just one of the two torn ligaments in his right knee, that information led to whispers within the organization that he might be able to play if the team went on a deep playoff run.

Pretty candid thoughts from Rossi. And frankly he is 110% right. No one has any clue what is going to happen. No one has any inside info.
The Pens aren't even past the Lightning at this point, so who fucking knows.