Rinko Update: Questions Answered, Etc.

So far there the Rinkotology process has been going relatively smoothly.
Of course, now that we said that there's definitely going to be a huge problem.
If you notice anything that isn't functioning correctly, email us at rinkofantasy@gmail.com.
A few questions have come up today so we figured we'd answer them here:
Crosby will be in the game.  It'll be up to you whether or not you think he'll return.  This could be a huge factor in the game.
The Clutch City game will take place during the first round only.  We'll have a different game for each round.
Nothing is carried over from last year, including usernames and passwords.  We started fresh this playoffs.
Right now you don't get a confirmation email when you sign up.  That will change soon.  If you signed up and have no trouble logging in you should be good.
If you sign-up, register and pay today you'll be entered into a draw for a free additional entry.  
We've already had our first Twitter contest today.  Follow @Rinkotology for the next contest and for additional updates.
A contest is also taking place on the Rinkotology Facebook Group right now.  If you're a member of the group by 10pm/et today you'll be entered into another draw to win another free entry.  Everyone who is already in the group will be a part of this contest automatically.
Do It.