Rinko Q&A, Our Side Bet, Etc.

As you probably know, Rinkotology team selection is now open.  A couple more questions have come up, so we figured we'd post the answers here to make it easier for everyone.
You can choose a goaltender as your captain or alternate captain.
You can select and change your roster any time before the deadline (Wednesday at 5pm/et).  At that point the rosters are locked.
If you're looking for the full rules, you can find them here: Rinkotology Rules.
For "Clutch City" you can choose players from any position.  There is no positional requirements at all.
If you've won a free entry through Twitter, Facebook, Rinko Rumble or anything else, you should see that team added to your account now.  If you don't email us.
If you'd like to pay by PayPal, we should be able to a accommodate you.  Email us.
The Rinko belt that has famously been to Columbus and Long Island with the Pensblog nWo is also at stake in "Quest for the Cup."
If we're forgetting anything or if you have any other questions, email us: Rinkofantasy@gmail.com or send an @reply to the Rinkotology Twitter Feed.
The Pensblog Staff are thinking of putting up a side bet on Rinko, but we don't know what to bet.
If you have an idea for what the winner should get (or what the losers should have to do) write it in cblog.
We should be doing a podcast tonight, so we'll announce what our bet is then.
Another great CBC Playoff Montage:

Can't wait until Wednesday.