REWIND: Mark Madden calling out Evgeni Malkin

[ pic via pittsburghsportstavern ]

Two months ago the super-jobber had his yinzer pitch fork out on Evgeni Malkin.

As always, what you do on the Internet echoes in eternity.

Time to take a trip down memory lane and breakdown Madden's embarrassing article with the assistance of  "Saved By The Bell" GIFs.


Madden's blog on the X, on October 31, 2011.

The Breakdown

No one gets their collective panties in a bunch like Geno Nation.
After the Penguins' 4-3 loss at Toronto Saturday, I tweeted than Evgeni Malkin took some ill-advised penalties, and that Geno still needs production to consistently match artistry.
First, those penalties were anything but ill-advised.  One was a terrible call. The other was borderline. Production to consistently artistry? The guy was a month in to coming back.
Reasonable opinions, especially since Malkin’s two penalties both ended up in the net behind Brent Johnson.
You’d have thought I crucified Malkin.
But just to make sure, Geno Nation nailed their hero to the cross anyway. Martyrdom, thy number is 71.
There are people in the town of Pittsburgh that immediately blame Evgeni Malkin for everything. As part of Geno nation we'd just want to get the facts out. *Cough* Anyone remember who took that really dumb penalty one minute into game 7 against the Habs
Here’s the bottom line with Malkin: He hasn’t been the same player since 2009, and despite the epiphany he supposedly experienced while rehabilitating his knee, I don’t see a new and improved Malkin. I see the same player we’ve seen the last two seasons.
Total whiff on this. Malkin had some early-season flashes; he just wasn't finishing. Real big miss by Madden. Could lend itself to the fact Mark Madden might not even watch games.
That player is very good. But like Michel Therrien used to stress, Malkin’s talent merits being in the NHL’s top five scorers. Period.
Michel Therrien ended up playing blackjack at the Meadows every night, Malkin won a Cup and playoff MVP.
True, injury has again intervened. It takes a while to recover from knee surgery.
Only logical part of the article.
But I still see some of the same flaws. Too much stickhandling. Not enough shooting. The occasional petulance. The only clear improvement is on faceoffs.
 Too much stickhandling? Really?
Give Malkin time? OK. How much time? Malkin has not been a consistently dominant player since 2009.
When does that guy show up again? That’s all I want to know.
2 months, Mark.