Revisiting Mount Dirtymore: Colby Armstrong and Francois Leroux

Got some e-mails and comments wanting to throw Colby Armstrong and Francois Leroux on the mountain to take Crosby's place.
First, Colby Armstrong.
And, first, this one is against the Flyers.
As we mentioned in Crosby's section, Flyers incidents shouldn't even count.
But it has to be shown.
Happened right in front of the ref.  No call.
Carter got retaliation penalty.
Yeah, that's dirty.
And the thing about players "admiring their pass" is bullshit.  He wasn't admiring anything.
Letowski was anticipating the play going the other way because the pass was indeed broken up.
But one play does not a dirty player make.
What a hit.  Clean hit.
Again, right in front of the official.  Again, no call.
Again……..right in front of the official.
Again…… call.
Armstrong's elbow comes up on these hits on the follow-through.
He doesn't make impact with the elbow.  What a player.
And guess what?
Colby passes the Google sniff test.  Our hands our tied.
But we have to admit this was an interesting study.
Dirty? Absolutely.
The rest of Leroux's YouTube clips are fights.
Francois Leroux was actually at last year's Festivus party at Calico Jack's.
Which like 98% of you didn't go to.  Jokes.
But, again, one play does not a dirty player make.
Can't just say "Leroux had to have been dirty" and go about your day.
Leroux passes the Google gauntlet.
BTW — There's a dude in Disney corporate named Francois Leroux.
Leroux may be making an appearance on another Mount in the near future.  Who knows.
Go Pens.
We took a peek at Malkin, too: slew-footing Mara, the hit on Simmonds, boarding Sydor.  meh.
Move along.  Nothing to see here.